How do wellness coaches work?

Wellness coaching focuses on where you are now and how to get to where you want to be, goal by goal, one week at a time. However, your coach isn’t going to make it easy and spoon-feed you with all the answers. Instead, your coach will be a skilled partner, joining you in creating a vision and a plan that will help you reach your wellness goals and achieve lasting and extraordinary results.

As your wellness coach, I will help the ownership of behavior change go right where it belongs — in your hands. I will meet you where you are today and listen to where you want to be … your best self.

As your wellness coach, I will also be a great listener. I will help you define and understand your strengths, values and motivators. I know what is at stake and will remind you why you want to change.

And most importantly, I will help you celebrate your success. Because, the goals and successes you achieve are truly yours.

Watch this short video on how coaching works.


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