Nine reasons to work with a wellness coach

Wellness Coach Gail WalterYou might be wondering if wellness coaching is right for you. Is there something about your life you want to change? Is there something you want to achieve? Do you simply just want to do better? A wellness coach can help. Here are nine reasons you should consider working with a wellness coach.

Your health is at stake. Perhaps you’ve just learned about high cholesterol, prediabetes, or high blood pressure, and you feel you need to take action to avoid a health crisis.

You don’t have mental clarity. If you need to make a decision, as your coach, I can help you work through the options.

You don’t feel well. Do you feel uncomfortable? Perhaps your diet or exercise habits aren’t supporting you in the best way. As your coach, I can help you put together a fitness program and support you as you change your habits.

Work/Life Balance. If your job and your life are unbalanced, this is going to create stress and unwanted consequences. Your work and your family will likely suffer.

Stress. In very small doses, stress can move us toward action. But in most cases, stress will simply lead you to unhealthy, unfortunate consequences.

Finding your strengths. If you’re unsure about your strengths and how to best use them, your wellness coach can help.

Change. If you’re ready to change something, but are stuck on how to move forward, you need a plan of action.

Bad habits. Do you have habits that hurt more than help?

Time and energy. If you want more time or energy for the important things in your life, you need to focus on wellness.


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