If you’re ready to make positive changes in your life, I would highly recommend hiring Gail Walter as your wellness coach. Gail is a highly trained, experienced coach with a passion for helping her clients lead happier, healthier lives. I’ve been working with Gail since January of 2010, and I’m delighted to say that I’m eating healthier food, have become more active, and feel much better about myself.

For those who fear the “in your face,” demeaning variety of coaching seen on TV, you should know that Gail’s methods could not be more different. Gail has used a holistic approach with me to create a vision for my health and well-being, and worked with me to set manageable goals.

She uses gentle persistence and frequently reminds me of my vision in order to help keep me on track. She’s also helping me address the resistance I experience from time to time that has kept me from reaching my goals in the past. I’m extremely happy with the results I’ve experienced working with Gail and would recommend her highly to others looking for a wellness coach.

Sheri R.

I was looking for a way to make my life richer, more focused, more productive, and to attain a sense of peace and satisfaction. Over the years, I’ve gone to counseling but quite often felt as though I made little progress in changing my life. Coaching is focused on action and doing. In counseling I talked about issues, suggestions were made, I would set goals, but there wasn’t much follow up. The follow up that Gail’s coaching provided is what helped me make good on the goals I had set. I finally made some changes in my life. With Gail’s pointed questions and frequent reiteration of what I said, Gail helped me get to the essence of my desires. Setting goals with Gail helped me be accountable. Knowing that I would talk to her at a future date, gave me motivation to take action on the goals I had decided for myself. She suggested I make realistic / doable goals and so the goals I set didn’t feel so overwhelming. Each time Gail and I talked again, we would talk about progress on the goals I had set and about new areas we hadn’t discussed before. Little by little I touched on all that mattered most to me. Thank you Gail!


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