The time for change is now

Wellness Coach - Vitality Wellness CoachingWhen you make the decision to work with a wellness coach, you’re making a decision that can change your life for the better.

You’ll join the ranks of those who’ve become more aware and made that important decision to reclaim control of their health, wellness and vitality. And they’re passionate about it.

Change isn’t easy. By choosing wellness, you’ll be swimming against the current tide of our society. It’s too easy to be unhealthy and poor choices are often just the way “others do it.” We have an overabundance of processed food, too many diversions on our path to being active, and a tendency to go with the flow and abdicate our responsibility for our own health to others.

It’s the right time for change

Too many Americans are overweight and/or struggling with chronic disease. Even though being healthy and fit is the most popular New Year’s resolution, too many fail to achieve their goals.

Why is this happening? We’ve been seduced by super-sized portions, unhealthy processed food, sedentary jobs, mindless TV, and more websites and social media than any person needs. We’ve been dulled into complacency with the collective mindset that we’re entitled to a quick fix, maybe a pill, something “they” will fix, so we can get back to important things, like watching more TV and surfing the internet.

We’ve grown passive. We’ve been brainwashed into thinking that healthy choices are too difficult, exercise is boring, and being fit and healthy is too hard, perhaps impossible. But, as Pilar Gerasimo of Experience Life magazine states, the greatest threats to our well-being lie in the “health-sapping decisions we make every day by default.”

Change requires action

It’s time to stop being passive and face a new reality. Our everyday choices can point us toward health and wellness. It’s time for you to join the resistance movement, become emboldened and empowered, and stake your claim to a vital body and mind. And never, ever back down.

Change is hard work

There is no magic pill to solve these problems. We all need to develop new skills, strategies, and perspectives, and connect with new support systems and role models. It also means cultivating some self-compassion to cushion your ride over a bumpy road.

It will also mean doing some soul searching about what being healthy means, why being healthy matters to you, and how that connects to your vision and values.

Remember the old Pogo cartoon that said “I have met the enemy, and they is us”? That’s right, the enemy is within. But when you tap into that strength inside you, you will succeed.

With the support of your wellness coach, your new awareness can lead you through the maze of complacency that separates you from wellness. Don’t settle for anything less.

Additional Resources

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